Stainless Steel

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Our Stainless Steel eco-straws are super stylish, BPA-free and non-toxic alternatives to disposable plastic drinking straws. Stainless Steel eco-straws provide a stylish touch to cocktails, smoothies and even speciality teas and coffees. You wouldn't serve up a fancy meal with plastic cutlery so throw a few of these into your silverware collection.

Manufactured from high quality 304 grade food safe stainless steel, these drinking straws are tough and durable so can be used time and time again, and better still, they're dishwasher safe too!

Like our Glass eco-straws, our Stainless Steel straws are available in both straight and angled designs. In addition, you can choose from a range of diameters and lengths, ensuring you get the perfect sized straw for the drink of your choice, whether that be a cocktail, milkshake or a thick smoothie.