Before you know it, it's in your cup, glass or bottle, staring at you right in the face, the disposable plastic straw. The flexible piece of plastic that has accompanied various beverages for decades.

On average, a disposable plastic straw is used for a period of just 20 minutes. Although longer than the five second lifespan of the stirrer you may use to stir-up your coffee or tea, but 20 minutes is still a mere fraction of the several hundred years it could spend in a landfill. A single straw may seem insignificant, however an individual who uses one straw a day, for the next decade, will throw 3,650 seperate pieces of plastic into the landfill. There’s also a chance that plastic may get lost along the way and end up in our oceans and seas. Although some disposable straws can be recycled (#2 and #5 plastics), sadly most straws don't get the chance.

Over the past 25 years, disposable straws have routinely been one of the top ten items found on beaches around the world during the International Coastal Cleanup. How many? Ocean Conservancy volunteers have picked up so many straws from beaches and waterways that when laid end-to-end, they would span a distance equal to California’s 840 miles of coastline. Last year alone, enough disposable plastic straws were found to pop one into your beverage every day for the next 1,250 years.

Some good news though, there's a solution! We all have a drawer of reusable silverware at home, so why not throw in a few sustainable and eco-friendly drinking straws.

Make the switch to a reusable drinking straw today. Choose from a wide range of ecostrawz including stainless steel, titanium, natural bamboo, natural wheat or borosilicate glass. Our reusable alternatives to regular disposable drinking straws are both eco-friendly and healthy, as they are naturally free of potentially toxic chemicals such as BPA (bisphenol A) and phthalates.

Whether you take your own straw or decide to go straw-free the next time you drink or dine out, remember to ask your server to 'hold' the straw. If enough people ask for drinks without disposable straws, servers could decide to ask customers first, before automatically handing them out.